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ITT30 On-Premises Stack Tumble Dryer, 30lb


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      • 30lb capacity stack tumble dryer (60lb total capacity)

        Comes standard with dual digital control. Available upgrade: Over-dry Prevention (OPT) control.

        Available in gas, steam, or electric heating

        Large, self-cleaning lint screen means less maintenance and more efficient operation

        Reinforced rugged door hinge designed specifically for heavy usage environments

        Oval drum holes prevents damage from standard screws

        CARE: Combustion Auto Response Equipped prevents fires by monitoring the temperature inside the drum. The linens are sprayed with water in the event of excessive heat


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        • over-dry prevention technology by IPSO

          How It Works

          IPSO's Over-dry Prevention is maintenance-free technology that measures the conductivity (wetness) of each load as it dries. The OPT control is able to determine the exact moment that your linens are dry and automatically discontinue the drying process.

          How You Save

          Pinpoint accuracy drying will increase your laundry room's efficiency by reducing your utility and labor costs. And because you're no longer over-drying your linens, the lifespan is improved.

            Click here to download a brochure about IPSO's OPT

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