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Continental Equipment Package, Full Store


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All equipment and accessories were purchased new in 2007. The 20lb, 30lb, and 40lb washers are high-G softmounts while the two 75lb washers are hardmount. The original equipment invoice was over $280,000. Buy every item in this store for $125,000. Call us at 773-538-7892 to find out more.

10, EH020 (20lb)
  8, EH030 (30lb)
  6, EH040 (40lb)
  2, L1075  (75lb)

10, DDAG30KC
(30lb stack)
  1, DCTG80KC (80lb)

18, Continental steel bases
  1, complete CCI card system
  1, Hamilton Engineering water heating system
  1, Vend Rite soap machine
  8, R&B 100E58 laundry carts

Call 773-538-7892 to find out more.