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Standard Bill Exchanger BX1020RL

Standard Change Makers

The BX1020RL  features the Fujitsu Dual Note Bill Dispenser. This dispenser has two  cassettes that hold up to 500 (new, ATM-quality) bills in each cassette - 1,000 bills total capacity. The Dual Note Fujitsu dispenser can be  modified with additional cassettes (up to 4 total cassettes) for added  capacity.

The BX1020RL is a Rear Load, Dual Note Bill to Bill Exchanger that  allows the dispense of up to two different denominations of bills.  Essentially, this machine acts as an Attendant that breaks higher  denomination bills (like $20's & $10's) into lower denominations  (like $5's and $1's). Perfect for Card Laundry locations, where  customers need revalue their In-Store Cards, but don't want to add too  much value to the card. Likewise, in Car Wash Loyalty Card locations -  any business that has a revalue card station.

  • Rear Load Configuration for Bill Exchange
  • (1) MEI (Mars) Bill Acceptor with 500 bills stacker - accepts $1 - $20 bills
  • (1) Fujitsu Dual Note Bill Dispenser with (2) Bill Cassettes - holds up to 1,000 new bills
  • Cabinet specs: 28"H x 17"W x 18"d

Accepts $5/$10/$20

This is a special order item. Please call for current manufacturer lead times.

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