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How To Make a Website For Your Laundromat

by Lauren Schultz August 15, 2016 0 Comments

I recently worked with our client, the owner of Stainless Wash Laundromat in Kenosha, WI, to create and launch his business website. Below is a tour of some of the website's features and the rationale behind my decisions in the hopes it will provide some insight and inspiration for your own projects.

Information Gathering

Start With a List

To avoid creating a website that is cluttered with information that visitors don't need or care about I first made a list of all the reasons a customer would visit a laundromat website. Next, and more importantly, we brainstormed all of the features and services that are unique to Stainless Wash and really make the business stand out from the competition.

Big and Bright Photos

As much as I like my lists they would make for a pretty boring website so on a sunny Saturday afternoon I headed up to Kenosha to take photos of all the features we decided were the store's selling points. The 80lb washers, the rows of big new dryers, the bright and clean environment, and the parking lot were just a few of the items I wanted to capture.


Putting It All Together


 I wanted the first impression of Stainless Wash to be that it is a spacious, bright, and clean place to do your laundry. I chose to use a full size image of the store and overlay the logo, hours, and address. All of our most important information is front and center, and as you'll see, it's repeated throughout the site.


Stainless Wash Homepage



Next I highlighted all of the features on our list using columns and rows of matching icons. It keeps the site clean and is more visually interesting than just text. The website's color scheme, including these icons, matches the brand colors that our client uses in-store. This creates a consistent and professional brand.


How to make a laundromat website


I put all of the main information on the homepage rather than burying important services like wash + fold deeper in the site. Once again I used branded icons to display the service's main information and pricing. Most importantly, I included a clickable button with a $5 OFF coupon offer.


Wash and Fold


Treat your website like a lead generator. That clickable $5 OFF button on the homepage sends visitors to a more detailed wash + fold page where they are prompted to sign up for Stainless Wash's email list in order to receive their coupon.


Wash and Fold Laundry Website


This signup form is integrated with Mailchimp so anyone who submits their information is added to a designated email list. After signing up, Mailchimp automatically sends the customer a welcome email with their coupon and encourages them to redeem it in store. Our client is now building a customer database than can be used for future promotions.

Marketing Tip: Many laundry owners use PPC advertising to market their Wash + Fold. Using a landing page with a signup form is a good way to not only collect valuable information, but also convert and track your Google AdWords spending.


Mailchimp Integration



Hopefully you enjoyed reading a little about our laundromat website project and got some ideas that will improve your own site. More than anything, I wanted to show that your site can be only a few pages and still be a very effective marketing tool.

Update 10/26/2016: This website was created as part of our new investor start-up package. Included in that service are domain setup fees and the first year of hosting. Unfortunately the site owner allowed the site/domain to expire so you will no longer be able to access a live version of this webpage.



Lauren Schultz
Lauren Schultz


Lauren is the Vice President of Midwest Laundries and has over a decade of experience in the coin laundry industry. You can reach her at Lauren@midwestlaundries.com